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One Mile Away

Associate Producer, Camera and Sound
Won best film at Edinburgh Film Festival in 2012
Broadcast on Channel 4 and screened in cinemas & festivals

One Mile Away follows the struggles of two warring postcode gangs in inner city Birmingham, the Burger Bar Boys (B21) and the Johnson Crew (B6), to bring peace to their neighbourhoods.

The film follows their painstaking journey over two years to recruit more supporters from both sides. Along the way, they get advice from Jonathan Powell, who oversaw the Good Friday Agreement, and riots erupt in Birmingham, with surprising consequences.


A riveting portrait of the complex, contentious reality of the streets, and the courage it takes to make a difference, it could well be this year’s most important British film.


Social impact
The crime rate in B21 and B6 Birmingham fell sharply during the filming of One Mile Away and has remained up to 40% lower ever since. Men from both sides joined forces and formed a social enterprise that takes the film around schools and youth groups mentoring kids at risk of gang lifestyles. The film has also been made available for lesson plans by Britdocs’ DocAcademy



Produced by James Purnell
Directed by Penny Woolcock
A Rare Day Production