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Utopia @ Roundhouse

Every other summer, The Roundhouse offers its enormous main space to an artist, allowing them free rein. In 2015, the artist was filmmaker and opera director Penny Woolcock.

I worked with Penny finding and recording the diverse stories of Camden: a wealthy Primrose Hill housewife, a homeless student, a Somali refugee, a disabled elderly man, a young gangster, a sex worker, a privileged kid, a drug dealer…


A place where voices, normally drowned out by life’s pandemonium, can be heard

The Times ★★★★★

In large cities like London we all live very close to each other and we all share the same streets, but we very rarely leave our bubbles and walk in other peoples’ shoes. The voices in Utopia allowed for just that.


Powerfully political… visually astounding



Artist Penny Woolcock
Set Design by Block 9
Photographs (c) David Levene