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The Book Club

Broadcast on BBC Radio 4
Played at Third Coast International Audio Festival, Chicago


Each slice of life was just lovely and so heartening to hear: offbeat stories of human experience always make the world seem better. I especially enjoyed the porny book group, whose aged members told the reader that her readings are the highlight of their week

Miranda Sawyer, The Guardian

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I could sense that my Aunt was hurrying the end of our lunch.  Asking for the bill she explained, “I really can’t be late to read porn to the blind”.  I assumed it must be a phrase like “I’m going to see a man about a dog”!
Quite the opposite…It transpires my Aunt has actually been reading hard-core erotica to a faithful group of elderly blind for 10 years. Naturally, I was intrigued.

Listen to the full episode of Short Cuts on BBC Radio 4.


Executive Produced by Eleanor McDowall
Falling Tree Production