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Baby Mothers' Tale

Producer and presenter
Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 1 Xtra

Potent too [The Baby Mothers’ Tale] was a programme I caught by chance last week on Radio 4 as I was driving home one afternoon and found myself trapped in the car unable to switch off… Sad, shocking — and so vivid

Kate Chisholm, The Spectator

When I was working with Penny Woolcock on the gang truce film, One Mile Away, we spent a lot of time with men. Men from both sides of the Birmingham post-code war. I constantly heard them talk about their “baby-mamma drama, wifey this or side-chick that”, but because street-life and family-life are kept very separate, I never got to hear the women’s side of the story. Which is why I went back to Birmingham to make A Baby Mothers’ Tale.


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A Whistledown Production
Executive Produced by Kevin Dawson