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Between the Lines

Writer, Director
Broadcast on BBC Radio 4


The heart of this play was inspired by my Aunt, who reads erotica to a group of elderly blind people! I once made a little audio doc about her.

Meera Syal stars as Scarlett, a jobless divorcee piecing her life together again – by writing and reading erotic fiction to a group of partially-sighted care home residents. The cast also includes Fenella Fielding, once known as England’s first lady of the double entendre, William Gaunt and Sophia di Martino.

Between the Lines on the iPlayer

You can listen to the play in the sound clip below.

Sound clips


Scarlett: Meera Syal
Hettie: Fenella Fielding
Soph: Sophie Di Martino
Tom: William Gaunt
Janey & Faith: Llewella Gideon
William & Ronnie: Paul Herzberg

A SparkLab Production
Sound Engineered by John Scott
Sound Desgin by Chris Wood
Produced by Melanie Harris